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Tassana: Design & Art in Furniture

Tassana has been founded in 1993 by Ali İhsan Kiraz who is the Chairman of the Board. He has been working in the sector since 1981. As one of the most valuable masters in the wood industry, he has developed not only himself but also the vision of his company. Tassana today has interior architectures, engineers, projects managers, employees, and office team to cover all the stages of the any sort of projects. Mr.Kiraz states always that "when I give a word to anyone it is a promise and any object in any project is carrying my characteristics."

How we handle the interior design project

Everything begins with dreaming. People wishes to live in contemporary buildings with ergonomic furnitures. Architecrues are drawing wonderful interior designs; however, converting designs into the reality is the hardest part of the business. At this point Tassana makes the difference by having solutions for almost all the details of the project. For example, you have a huge door for the conference saloon. The door is out of the ranges of manufacturing. Tassana as being a boutique producers could serve you in your wishes. Such a single piece huge door is available from the production lines that Tassaana has.

Design Furniture Tassana

Evaluation of the project

Brainstorm is everything. Before getting any action it is better to take into the consideration of the all scenes and projects items. Forseeing any next stages' problems means to save the time and money. We are ready to evaluate the project with our experienced staff.

Production Planning Tassana

Production stages

With the experience gained from the projects it has delivered by providing customer satisfaction in many domestic and foreign projects, it can also respond to the boutique services of its individual customers with a tailor's meticulousness.

Construction and Contracting

The best questionmark is in the construction and contracting. This reality shapes the applications. Production is valuable provided that the produced items fit to the application area. Besides on time finished projects are acceptable by most of the project owners. Tassana has clear rules to have goods on time. Listen what our references says.

Assembly Staff Tassana

Finishing touch

When you get into the final in the project. All hidden or shown details make the composition complete. This picturesque frame will be an honor for not only owners, designers but also manufacturers. Tassana is ready to be part of this honor.  

Interior Design Tassana

Quality Guarantee

Tassana trust in his experienced staff because they keep the several important principles. On of them is to use the high quality equipment and materials. Provided that you keep the certain quality you never disappointed in any produced object. Tassana is ready to sign a quality contract for any time intervals that depends upon the project's content. 

Our team is excited to hear from your new project! Let's begin to talk about it.

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